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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Where We First Met

Where We First Met

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Lakeview Ha Noi,  always gives me the idea that it's worth spending time wondering, whether his numb heart thought of stopping its beat just to fall in against mine somewhere in that fishing village where our dippy, empty-headed secret selves first brushed up. 

"How come you two look the same?", my big sister grinned. "Baba, look at John and tita Susan, aren't they awesome?", she asked. Well, I know she was excited to know that I am almost falling for someone I "collided" with somewhere, and knowing that both of us clicked as if we had been friends for a long time.  "Kuya and I are going to buy you tickets for Australia so you would meet him again!", she exclaimed. Wow that was really rare for "her" to financially "chip in" for my wander lusts.

 I am clueless as of this moment because this guy hasn't given me a hint on where we are heading. Thinking too much about it is driving me crazy, so I have decided to keep my faith in the Lord that one day, once I'm on the rusty wagon again  wandering around the fool's paradise I have created, He would zestfully bestow  my longing heart its soulmate J.M...

I miss you so much John! 

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