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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Journey of a Lifetime

Journey of a Lifetime

"I do, I do...and so begins the journey of a lifetime". Was it a sign that I have been overwhelmed with  the next chapter of my splendid, unmarred, froufrou, idyll book? "daughter " didn't mean to give me a cinnamon, classic, wooden picture frame with a bridal card. "Oh, mom I didn't realize that this was some sort of a wedding invitation, haha!", laughing. "That's fine dear, I think it's a're gonna have a dad soon!", giggling. 

Me? Don't ask when was the last time I felt for someone whom I thought was perfect to me. Funny, because now I just wanna kick myself for being so stupid when I fell out of love years ago. Uhmm believe me, there was always a reason why someone didn't work, because a better one or might be the best will come along and rescue my broken heart.  And my trust is in God, as I have already asked him to proofread my love story as sometimes, I am so stubborn to be the writer though  He is always the  director. 


Yes, I am in love...and in the next few minutes of my random shots, the most whimsical melody for the mean guy will be created with passion! 

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