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Monday, 2 September 2013

Hoi An

I have been to this paradise countless of times but I have never had a chance to enjoy it myself. Well, after the long trip from Chu Lai to Tam Ky to Duy Xuyen-now I'm here at "Cargo" overlooking the fierce, humid whiff of the river under the shade of the historical Japanese bridge. You know what I am feeling right now? I am absolutely "Free"! That feeling when no one reminds you that it's about to head back home coz the sun is about to set, that excitement when you take photos under the scorching sun, that appetite in which you can stuff your face with anything.  Oh, God I couldn't thank you more for all the blessings!

Here are the first snap shots before gloating a platter of "wild mushroom rosette pasta with parmesan and garlic along with FrappĂ© Americano! 

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