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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Mean Guy- You Made My Day

Mean Guy-You  Made My Day

That was the best day ever! Yeah what did I do? Since I am not a morning person, I had to struggle waking up at 4am to clock in the 445am call time for the sunrise photo tour.  "Oh, God why can't they have the sunset workshop available, so I don't have to get up this early?", yawned.  Anyhow I was in time and as soon as Peter arrived, I was ready. It was still pitched dark when we dropped by a hotel a few kilometers away from my place, and a tall, medium-built guy hopped in next to me. "Good morning", he said. I didn't care as my soul was still in the process of kissing my dream guy. Haha no kidding. 

 The first morning blush welcomed us at the pier with Peter's basic, short photography reminders along with a cup of cold Vietnamese coffee with milk. "Thank you", said the the guy on my right,  as I handed him his milk coffee. Yeah I wasn't paying attention but I knew he was a nice guy with a perfect and inviting smile. Yes, we had a great time during the tour and he was very talkative and friendly that I felt comfortable talking to him. "What are you doing today? Perhaps we could have lunch together", he grinned. "Sure, I won't do anything after the tour either", excited. 

I took him to Cargo, my favorite restaurant in Hoi An. We had beef curry, tuna, and beer to quench his craving while I had strawberry orange lassi.  It was really humid, but I almost didn't feel it while talking to him because he was an awesome conversant. I could say that he could talk about anything under the sun, and that's rare for a man. He impressed me with that! I was freezing when his soft, tan hands carefully scrutinized why I only had my left nails polished. "Hey, don't do that, my skin is so dry it's quite shameful", I blushed. "No it's not, it's soft", he replied.  Well, in a few minutes after the meal, we decided to walk around the river looking for a shade somewhere  until our instincts dragged us to the Japanese bridge. Our groggy feet held us for almost thirty minutes sharing random stories with each other. Everytime he touches my dark, bare shoulders, I get billions of butterflies in my stomach. Then I asked him a favor to speak Spanish as the language itself is sexy.  I could barely breathe when he said that the city was beautiful and so I was. Haha oh fairy tales..quit playing games with my crazy emotions.  Opps, his French is quite good, too. 

"How about going to Bana Hills?", I asked.  "Sure", he agreed immediately. So before we headed to the bus station, we dropped by the tailoring shop to check whether his suit was already done. "Honey, does this look good? Is it ok?", he chuckled. "Oh please don't call me honey", I wondered. "Yes, it looks neat", I replied. Finally, we arrived the bus station to Danang. That scorching sun made us really exhausted. Honestly, I was kinda worried about him coz he looked worn out. While we were on the cab to Ba Na, his lips caught mine and it made my heart beats fast that I was short of breath. No, I couldn't explain why I did that-no it wasn't me. It wasn't a sort of challenging myself to do such thing either, it came naturally within me. Believe it or not, we found ourselves with the most passionate, yet weird " hugs and kisses" in the cable car. Gosh, I wanted to jump out the tube and tell the world how merry I was. Of course, I didn't show him that I was crazy about him. Haha! 

Ba Na Hills, wasn't that impressive to me the second time.  But the fact that John was with me, it felt like I was in cloud nine. I didn't know why. I had known him for not even a day,  but his company was comfortable enough to show the real me. I could slap his sweet face, pull his pubic hair on his legs, give him an uppercut, pinch his attractive nose, and so on. "Have I known him before?", I babbled. Why did I feel like home with him? This not only good-looking, one-of-a-kind Colombian novice but also someone who  loves travelling and photography sounds perfect to me as on that day we didn't feel like strangers. The taxi driver drove us back downtown, and I took him to the place where "Bun Mam" was famous for anyone whose appetite is into traditional Vietnamese noodles. I was glad he could stuff himself with two bowls of "bun". Hohoho! Then Cuong and Joey drove us back to Hoi An.

We ended the night with a few walks under the peaceful lamps, while venturing on some wild snapshots around the corners after having some fresh drinks overlooking the calm river.  Then he dropped me at my hotel and said goodbye,  "I had a wonderful, fun  time today", I giggled. I gave him a hug and held his hand.  "Thank you for everything, I had fun-please keep in touch", he murmured. You know what,  I wanted to tell him how much he made me feel like a real woman on that day, but I didn't have enough courage to do so. 

 Maybe he was disappointed at some point as I am very childish and weird. He is leaving for the south today, and tomorrow he will fly back to Brisbane. I wish I could ask him to stay longer. I don't know if fate will give me a chance to handcuff his hands to mine once again. Sigh. Now I am back alone  in Cargo with my American frappé with two white, drinking straws in it. This makes me feel like my  heart can't help but sob because I damn want to hug him again. Always remember that you have been a part of my itchy wanderlusts, and will always be. Take care! 

I miss you good-looking, "mean" yet sweet guy.  That was the best gift I've ever had on my birthday. Thank you J.M. ! :) 

P/S: My ego jumps with joy when you call me, "evil".   Haha


  1. Waaaa super kilig!!! God sent you a very precious birthday gift... Oh serendipity!

  2. hahahaha nakaloka nak noh? hahaha magkamukha kami diba haha kaloka sabe ko wag nia amuyin buhok at likod ko kc ambaho ko sabe hnd naman daw haha bahala sia...weirdo! tapos gusto nia ung nunal ko sa batok at sa bibig at pati piercing ko pinagdiskitahan hahahahaha

  3. haha nice, ask him to move to Vietnam yeahhh