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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Guitar Tuning

Mix it with Natty Jelly

Since I don't have a fancy, dirty kitchen in the dormitory, and the painful truth that I wasn't born to be a good cook, I always make an excuse to mix and match whatever frozen leftovers  I get from my gray, stout, mini fridge. I will start with the most exciting thought of having the whole chilly, rainy Thursday afternoon goofing off my bed. Unfortunately, I was awoken by the hot, triggered bullet of my wild imagination...thinking about the silhouette of the colorful, gleeful lotus flowers by the lake near my crash pad. Then I got up and quickly opened my cooler and made do with the frostbitten leftovers while Adam's shiny, brown guitar is at the corner by the large, glazy, foggy glass windows of my tiny crib waiting to be tuned. "Oh, please Adam gimme a few seconds for some tea and jelly", yawning.  I wasn't so sure if what I was doing was safe and healthy...all I had was a small sachet of lemon tea powder,  and a peach flavored tea bag. You won't believe it, the finished drink tickles my appetite. And yeah I made a big bowl of afternoon bite with Natty jelly, dark grapes, green kiwi and a yellowish "weird" fruit which I believe can only be found in Vietnam. Haha...btw this country is rich in cheap fruits and veggies.  

Here are some shots with different angles breathing in each note. Have a good one folks! 


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