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Sunday, 22 September 2013


Blessings from God

After the Sunday service, I felt so blessed and my heart jumped with joy and excitement when I saw Gracia at the right corner of the room. I missed her so much as she is the only person who always stands by me, encourages and lifts me up no matter what. I haven't seen her since one month ago. Anyhow, yeah while waiting for her,  a tall, blonde, fair man with a white, skinny kid on his left hand  said, "Oh I like your shirt!", smiling. "Oh thanks...I don't even know the meaning of the Thai phrase on its back." Well he thought I was Thai. Haha! Toby that chubby, sweet, cute, multi-lingual Singaporean seemed to forget that I am from the Philippines and he thought I was Thai, too. And by the way, I ran into IJ that soft,  talkative Nigerian guy. He sincerely said I looked good. What a wonderful Sunday!

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