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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Happy Teaching!

How Does it Feel?

Their homework was very simple...that was to take a photo of anything which defines real Vietnamese beauty. I thought they understood me clearly when I assigned them their assignment the other day. You know what, as soon as my right foot stepped on an inch by the door while my student Huong held the doorknob to let me in, my heart beats fast because I though I would be a very proud mom of my kids in Blogger. But all they could offer me was frustration and disappointment. When will they learn how to be more responsible? Well, they seemed not to care missing one activity for this week. You bet, after a few days they would be busy complaining and asking why they were on the bottom. Oh, God...I should say that "teachers" aren't only the most patient among creations but  also the best foster parents who could genuinely give unconditional love to their neophytes! 

Happy Teaching! 

By the way, he is Peter my photography teacher. I knew that it wasn't easy to teach the right aperture value to different learners with various slrs! I love this guy! 


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