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Saturday, 7 September 2013

No "Strangers" in Love

No "Strangers" in Love

Spotted my shade from afar,
Giggled like a frail, blushing child.
Nodded, and swerved like a shining star.
Grabbed my soul, kissed my hand in the wild.

Soulful indeed, grasping her sincerity.
Spinning my ego as sacred as "virginity".
With dignity, her youth had passed.
Leaving her firm footprints, unabashed.

Woman, woman your inner strength,
Is incomparable with the sunrise.
Those fine wrinkles in perfect length.
You simply touched my heart with a surprise. 

Before I take a another stupid leap towards the future,
Allow me to brag the world,
How lucky I am besides my failures.
A stranger in that calm fishing village, made my hopeless realm go round. 


Dedicated  to the lovely woman in this picture for showing me that love is just around the corner...and that there aren't any "strangers" in love. She was smiling at me from afar, and as soon as she got the chance to snipe me, she grabbed my rough hand and kissed it. Amazing! 

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