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Friday, 4 October 2013

Nothing Serious

A Strong-Willed Woman

"Live your life, you're awesome! ", Geleen usually reminds me of this phrase. "Let a man love you first", my former student Son Hai reiterated. "Relax, your life is already planned so don't rush things," my daughter Barbie sincerely adviced. I know right?! 

No worries, I have been through the toughest times of my ventures as a fragile woman, and I already promised to love myself more than anyone or anything else. Those things that would definitely add up to my wrinkles are immediately shredded and buried in the tiny box my heart has kept, while the memories are cherished like the first cry of a newborn child. 

I do  nothing to satisfy my longings of real "love" because I believe that it will come when you least expect it though,  I am losing my patience.Yes, this isn't easy for me as I have been broken a thousand times. Many of them just made my gullible soul false hopes that they were into me, but after a few days...they left without any notice. Haha what is wrong with them? I am not being conceited, but the man who would stand by me no matter what is the smartest, most handsome among creations because I am not easy to find. At present, I have been working on my photo walks and cravings as well as my visa applications to the West.  God is good and sooner I would get what I deserve. 

This afternoon, I am going to Mu Cang Chai with the photography club and will be back to reality in two days. I am sure this would be awesome the second time around as I had been to that place last year. There would be fabulous, heart-stirring and interesting adrenaline rush this weekend! Yahooooo! 

Have a wonderful one! 



  1. oh yes dear. you are not easy to find. <3

  2. hahahah ang kulit ko lang sa mga posts ko hahaha