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Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Puddles of Happy Ending

When I was a kid, thought each country had its own sun or moon and because of that the weather varies. There was always a time when I had to sit under my favorite coconut tree by the hills in my little town watching the sunrise, and sat again in the afternoon to see it set, believing that I could count its fading beams just like what my right hand used to warily fiddle the rays of the sun in school. 

Well, I was really bad at drawing and swinging the crayons that sometimes all I wanted to do was to taste them hoping that each color had its own flavor. And the clouds, they were very good at telling me how happy or gloomy I were and it looked like they were always there to set me free and cuddle me with their hypnotizing lullaby until I fall asleep under the wavy shade of the coconut leaves. 

Now, I know why mom used to think that I was weird, and thought that I wouldn't be able to make it to the first grade as I didn't go to the kindergarten. Oh guess what, she was right I was different from other children because I was able to be on the top two in class. 

Growing up with only one friend, wasn't that bad at all because at least I could enjoy the toy guns, and the colorful cars as well as loving the tap on the head when he cheated in scrabble. And, yes those memories weren't complete without swimming in the puddles on the way home and forgetting my lunch box in school that made mom decide to wrap my lunch with banana leaves. Funny, but I always went home soaking wet with my books because every umbrella was gone after "me" holding it. Uhmmm little did they know that it was the fierce wind from that raging afternoon storm which took my mom's favorite, huge, black umbrella. 

So, how's my story related to those clouds that Panther had sent me? Tell you what, each snap's shape, shade and vibrance gives me too much to look forward to life. Am not talking about the future, but the promise of having a family tree scribbled in those clouds with the promise that one day, that lightning will strike to our own heartbeat and make us one. 

Did I give u a creep out of my tiny, non-sense "chronicle"? Hope not...

Thanks for the photos my dear Panther. I owe you one...a lot should I say. Enjoy the shots! 

P/S: You might think that those pics are the same as most of them were on the same they aren't because besides being taken on different days and time, each has its own beauty. It's up to you to see and appreciate its wonder. 

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