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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Passenger Seat

You and I, We Will Make It Till The End

Your 21st song is Stephen Speak's, "Passenger Seat". I dunno but this is just so beautiful because when I listen to this song I remember how you make me really happy and giggle with your laughs. You're always in my heart...hugs. My apologies if sometimes I get into my grumpy pants, thank goodness you could still put up with me.  "Mahal Kita"! 

And please forgive me if I get so cheesy...:) hope you're fine with that.  And to those assholes around you, screw them! Arrghh...if I could only kick their stinky heads out of your way, I would have started hunting all idiots on your way. 

Here's the song's link:

Photo of the day is Panther's "missing him" Cake...

I miss You, Panther.

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