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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Behind Blue Eyes

The 8th Song of the Year:  Behind Blue Eyes

No one will ever grasp or get the picture of what you've been through until you find this special person who feels your depressions, heartaches, regrets, and can even make you whole again from those impossible puzzle pieces of cruel, ghastly memories that have been dragging you down to the hell of a ride to mixed emotions. 

And behind those springy, willowy lessons in life which have taught you to be more fierce and tougher, there will always be that companion who would never let you go with a sip of love and well-being ready to face your foxy, sinful fate of growing old together. 

And yes, Limp Bizkit's, "Behind Blue Eyes" is perfect for my soul mate as he might be someone who is always willing to make others smile though deep inside, he is bleeding and sometimes struggling with his own big, stubborn kid inside him. Anyhow, I can tell you that he is awesome!!!

Here is the link:

Cleo is the Photo Of the Day:   (Credits:  Panther)---Enjoy Her Different Angles

If I had a pick-up line for Cleo, it must have been "Hey Sexy, I love the way you giggle!" I know right?! This wholesome, elegant, dainty teenager is also a mom of cute kids and I bet she is a supermom as I have never heard her grumble. She thinks that life is full of surprises and come hell or high water, she will always be that girl who adores her dad's foot especially after shower, cleans up like a boss, and chuckles as of a winning beauty queen. 

Now, who would like to save the last dance for the sweetheart Cleo? 

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