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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Teachers Against Students' Ethics

Teachers' Weary Load

Money has become the main focus for most of us regardless of any "brass tacks" that even "kids" are soaked into the notion of doing their best to become the next Mark Zuckerberg. Bravo to the most deceiving social media that "behavior" seems not important anymore. Isn't it supposed to be action first in accordance to "au fait" ethics and social graces to be successful?  What does our Ministry of Education do to help produce quality entrepreneurs in the future? 

Well, let's face it, many colleges and universities are very busy advertising how much their schools keep their promises for better jobs after graduating from a course. They feed the target market the false hopes of becoming one of those billionaires in the world while neglecting to create an up-and-coming, stomping ground which helps learners and teachers get the hang of the reality of life and how to keep the norms and standards of each culture. 

For  instance, many of my students don't have the common sense to lend an ear, and I find it offhand. It seems like they don't have respect to their classmates who talk in front of the class though their attention has been called a thousand times. On my own perspectives, teachers should not only inculcate the strict grammar nor sharpen the students ability in calculation and lead them to the next level, but also mold them into amazing and wonderful individuals by showing them the ropes to behave fitly. 

Let me point out that teachers are the second parents of those neophytes and they should be responsible for them.  I have observed that some lecturers accept too much teaching loads in the name of how much they can earn at the end of the month which is fine but not to the extent of losing the sense of  being effective  educators both theoretical and practical. 

Believe me, it feels good to see your former students who have become role models  to the next generation not because of how many figures they have saved up and how much fame they have gotten but because of being humble, respectful, helpful, positive and intelligent. 

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