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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

You and I

The Best Talk Ever

You're very special to me and will always believe that you're my soul mate...I meant you have my confidence, you're perfect and yes am willing to spend the rest of the laughs, cries, cuddles, success, craziness, everything just You and I. 

Gosh, thank you for believing that our conversations mean a lot to you...well I thank you more because without you, I could have anticipated that men are cruel, and useless. Now, you've changed me too from a hater to a lover. Hey, can I tell you a secret? I know you can keep it in your heart..."I'm in love with you"! How does that sound?  Hahaha...hugs and be safe always. 

I'm not sure if you are into "One Direction", but for your 14th song, it must be "You and I".

Photo of the day by my Panther: 

Kisses for the Flower...

"You and I "
"We don't wanna be like them"
"We can make it till the end"
"Nothing can come between You and I"

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