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Friday, 31 January 2014


Let's Get Grumpy

Oh yes it's  Friday and the last time I went to a bar was in September 2013 with Pylot and two other kids for two shots of tequila. If I could still remember exactly, that was on my birthday the 4th and since my sister Pam was too busy she wasn't able to make it even for dinner. 

Anyway, today I just feel like OMG I wanna have Panther to talk to until morning with some random shots of laughs, and humor. And before going home, dropping by Starbucks coffee with my favorite Java Chip Frapp would suffice to relieve the smell of a bit of alcohol running insanely through my veins. The last time I was in Starbucks was two years ago? Can you imagine that? 

But...Hey you know what, I really wanna have that kooky, wacky, tireless giggles of being mean to those idiots around, and or visualizing what to do when I get grumpy and or when he's on his low. day, I know it's worth the wait noh? 

Your 30th song is:  Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift

This is crazy but I can feel that we can run away anytime and forget about what others would think and say. We are unique and unlike the "simple" ones, it's just you and I against this world full of bullsh*t! Sorry for the expression...just saying. 

Photo of the Day:
smelly teddy says good night :) 

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