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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hope All Is Well


How have you been? I do respect your personal space and privacy, but I hope you're fine. When I asked you whether you were OK or not, you just plainly said, "YES". Seriously, I wasn't convinced because even if we have just known each other for a few months, I can feel your moods. It hurts me though maybe because I am used to having you laugh and giggle with other kinds of mixed emotions. Anyhow, I also get the hang of the idea that everyone has his own high and low...but I still pray that you're perfectly alright. 

Sometimes, when I'm blue I'm scared to share with you, though I know that you're always there for me not because I fear that you've got errands to do, but because I thought my dramas aren't in perfect timing with your day. Well, you're not compelled to vent out with me all the time...I understand. I know you can handle things pretty well but I'm still here ready to listen and kick those nasty jack-asses who give you bad knew that. Be Safe Always. Hugs.

The 25th song: "Don't Stop Believing", Glee Cast. 

My apologies, I failed to get a photo of the day...I am not in the mood to do anything. 

BUT... the Panther took me out of my grumpy pants today and introduced  me to Mr. Yellow.

the problem child

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