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Sunday, 5 January 2014


1/5/2014 (Ha Noi-timezone) 12:06AM

Prior to the late casual talks I had last night... I ended up going to bed at 530am today. Well, obviously I woke up very late like 230pm and couldn't get my butt out of bed. Hmmnn...thought I would just snuggle under my blanket but I felt like my "soul mate" had his ability to kick me out of my lazy bones. Alright, I hit the very cold shower at almost 3pm and was a bit shocked with the vanilla scent I got from Rocher's yesterday which was supposed to be "coconut"...arrggh  I could kick myself because I felt like "ants" and "bees" were following me to the city for my too sweet "trails". Gosh!!!

So, for the 4th song dated 5th of January 2014 (Vietnam) is Natasha Bedingfield's, "Soulmate" because today I just felt like my "young man" was with me. 

Here is the link of the song:


Anyhow, I managed to get my  passion fruit delight and hazelnut coffee and of course I have to thank my "buddy" for pushing me to get up and get a life  because I was able to buy a discounted, very useful wallet in Mango. Thanks!!! 

Here is the photo of the day...Enjoy!


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