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Monday, 6 January 2014


Wish You Were Here

With a very nice view by the lake from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, I feel like you're here with me as the wind blows my dreams towards your soul. You're special, I know I have been telling the whole dull, numb world this but I won't tire because as the river flows with the morning beam, my heart beats fast just like you have been living inside it for  seasons, or years. I bet this fragile yet innocent open book is falling for you already. Can you do her a favor never to  hate her for being so affectionate and silly? 

By the way,today I got you the sweetest "Ice Mocha" so you won't fall asleep at work. Hugsss my dear!!!
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (Lakeview, Ho Tay)

So for your 5th song of the year it is Iyaz's, Solo. Definitely, she doesn't want to walk this earth solo as she won't be able to smile nor get the best laughs... no more. 

Here's the link to the song:

Finally, here is the photo of the day taken from my seat in Coffee Bean. What I love most about this shot is that those cone hats stand out as if they mean business. 
that island on the lake has a sacred temple

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