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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

We're Our Everything

Miss You

Gosh I'm hooked up with "Haven" and now two more episodes for Season 2 and ready for the third drift. Thanks to Panther for patiently sending those missing tides which Utorrent couldn't download. Well, before I get caught with too much excitement, let me put the grinds in a nutshell what I had done today. First, I should thank the Lord for giving me another life.

This morning on my way to the city, the bus driver speed up like insane  that one of the tires produced a dreary, creaking sound and the driver could barely hit the brake to check what happened. Seriously, all  I could think was, "Oh My Gosh, Am I Gonna Die Today?", and thought about Panther. My heart was beating really fast that I was short of breath until I got to Sushi Bar to pacify my Japanese cravings. 

After lunch, I quickly headed to the supermarket for some veggies and fruits. I was still faint-hearted to take the bus, yet managed to get back home safe. Thank goodness the day was good to me. 

To Panther:
You're always in my mind no matter what the weather is and wherever I go and whatever I do. Hugs and Kisses. Yes, I heart you, whether you like it or not. Haha. 

Here's your 27th song: You're my Everything by Corbin Bleu

---Yup this song says it all because when I can't smile, you do it for me. We are simply everything for each other. Hugs. 


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