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Friday, 24 January 2014

Lyrics from Our Conversations

Thank You

Whenever I'm down in the dumps I listen to one of the best songs you gave me. So not to forget them, I decided to save them here. I wasn't able to download all of them for some reasons though... these lyrics mean so much to me. Thanks!

1. Your Song:  Ellie Goulding
2. How About Us: Champaign
3. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life: Indeep
4. Lights: Ellie Goulding
5. You're The Inspiration: Chicago
6. If I Lose Myself:  One Republic
7. LoveSong: The Cure
8. Best Day of My Life: American Authors
9. Burn: Ellie Goulding
10. Happy: Pharrell Williams
11. Captain of Her Heart: Double
12. Time After Time: Bear McCreary Feat Raya Yarbrough
A Poem for Panther


No lyrics can fathom, how you make me smile.
No one understands how much we grip each other tight.
No material possessions can replace you, my love.
No dietes can color my life without you in my darkest nights.

You might be tired of my whinings,
You probably want to kick me when I'm silent.
You are ready to chase my nightmares.
You, at least put up with my grumpy pants.

I know you're always there for me,
I am sometimes, scared of being alone.
I won't, not anymore coz we're meant to be.
I bet, unlike them we have the sweetest, funny bone to tickle on.

Will you promise to stay with me whatever the weather is?
Will you say good night with cuddles, hugs and kisses?
Will you laugh on your voice messages when you see stupid boobies?
Will you cry with me when something is too delicious?

My nuts are yours, and your nuggets are mine.
My dried fish you wont stomach, but my white chocolate are fine.
Though, I thought your Strawberry Blaze was a "Glaze",
You're still perfect to me, ohh  jezz!

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