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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Come Fly With Me

Let's Fly to Bahamas! 

Let's say, yes I'm quite bored and cold...

Oh no, this isn't right, I should do something...

Now what?... just finished the movie Frozen and it got my stream with "Demi Lovato"!

Alright then, it's time to give my soul mate his song and maybe a few lines of a silly poem...

Hey you...yes you Panther, could you come fly away with me? Haha.. here is your  10th song of the year, Michael Buble's "Come Fly With Me".  Now if you're gonna ask me why, do me a favor  please check the third stanza of this song those are exactly what I'm gonna tell you right now. I think I miss you, too! Hehe

Here is the link of the song:

Hope this poem wouldn't bother your weekend...

Spice of Spring

Dancing with the lazy, golden butterfly,
That Misty has been trying to catch.
Along with the Purple Spotted Swallow Tail, which lay,
Behind the mesmerizing wingspan of the "Blue Morpho's", hatch.

Hey, how about picking a piece of ashen wood anemone?
And a bit of your time, for a basket of chalky Lily of the Valley.
Come on, the frozen dusk is getting into my cheek bone,
Hurry, before we get lost in the woods with an army of fruit fly.

Oh, did you hear that hushed tone in the air?
Yes, I did and I thought it was Cleo,
Calling us home, perhaps she's bored and cold.
Get up my dear, it's about time to cuddle her.

Don't worry, the night is warm enough,
To get a quick, icy shower of red crocosmia bulb,
While I prepare your cheesy sizzling steak, though it's tough,
It's from my heart, so please don't make me sob. 

Finally, here is the photo of the day...enjoy! (Nothing is impossible for a willing Heart)

my scent is simple...since i cant get my fav Victoria's Secret cologne in VN

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