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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Miss U Too Much

Trust Your Heart

"Coz I don't need my eyes
 If they can't see you"
"I don't need my hands
If we can't touch"

I will always love you no matter what...whether you get fat and ugly, to me you're the one and only beautiful creation in the planet. Too cheesy but, OMG you rock!!!  So, just like a tattoo, you'll always be in my naked soul. Hugs.

By the way, I was really happy today because my prayer was answered and God knows that you're always in my bids of having a successful and wonderful life. Please always take care of yourself... miss you. And I Super LOVEEE the way you laugh like there's no tomorrow!!! 

The 13th song for my man is Sarah Connor's ', "Miss U Too Much":

Photo of the day by Panther:
a promise of a beautiful day ahead

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