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Sunday, 12 January 2014

How About Us

Brighter Than The Sun

Unlike the gloomy weather in Ha Noi, these blue clouds seem like the brightest sunshine at midnight.  These photos made me feel better, though I'm feeling lazy and gloomy today. Even if I wasn't so productive over the weekend but well, I got enough rest. 

Photo Credits:  Panther

Here is the 11th song of the year for him--- Champaign's, "How About Us",

This is one of  the best songs someone special has given me...thanks my dear!  Hugs...this means so much to me though it's only the lyrics of that song.  I guess I have to thank the writer of this masterpiece as this brings me closer to you. 

And hey, I got a bonus song for today since I have been really optimistic and hopeful...  and it must be Colbie Caillat's, "Brighter than the Sun".  I'll always be there to put with you...  

Here is the link:

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