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Friday, 24 January 2014

Only Hope

Your Song, My Song

Finished off all errands this afternoon, from FPT Cau Giay campus for some gifts, then before I lost my "intestinal fortitude" with the "slow-witted" bank teller in TPB, there and then, I dragged my hasty feet for a fringe trim in Morrocan Oil. By the time I clinched the deal for a coffee with my student, I had my hair done and was panting when I arrived at Big C Supermarket for some fruits and yogurt, good for a two-week holiday at the dorm with "Haven" seasons 1-4 courtesy of my luv. 

Hmnn... was having a horrible headache and my right eye had been pushing buttons of my veins which made my blood run cold, yet still managed to get home safe but by a cab. Oh, my gosh...promise I won't do it again. 

This must be the best Tet Holiday ever as I have more time for myself nuzzling Teddy as well as getting more laughs, hugs, kisses, VMs, chuckles and mollycoddles with Panther. 

The 23rd Song of 364 Days: 

Dunno if you like this, but this gives me life especially when I think of how you'd sing our song over and over again straight from your huggy, mushy heart. "Only Hope", by Mandy Moore is your 23rd song of the year. Missing and thinking of you each day... 

Photo of the Day is the Blue Sky from Panther: 

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