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Saturday, 11 January 2014

The More Peppery the Happier

Cheer Up

Happiness is anywhere...seriously it doesn't matter where, whether you go to the same place and or order the same fish fillet. But somehow, it's better if you add more spice to your appetite or ice to a snifter of warm red wine in cinnamon to get away from the pressure of being in the same hangout. Well, just imagine having the most demanding lover of your life..what would you do? 

Definitely, you don't want to compromise your "withering" sexual life, nor prepare the same flat, well-worn, vanilla vegetable salad for much as possible you must try something new while you're home. Would that be fair enough to be completely lighthearted and pleased after a week of burning your butt at work with other people's doltishness? 

What I was trying to point out was, I love going to the same cafe or diner because of the jazz music they play or the perfect brew of my Hazelnut. Yes, today I visited Foodshop 45 again and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Lakeview. But instead of having garlic nan, I got Peshwari and for my fillet, had Kadai which was tasty as well. Had a wonderful day because I also got a chance to laugh with the Panther. Thanks for his very "special" songs... until now I still get butterflies and bees in my belly. Hahaha!!!

Here are the photos:
just dropped by to say, "Xin Chao"

burnt backdoor

clueless with their English names T.T

all time favorite chill

Kadai Fish Fillet in tomato, onions and capsicum

touch me not or you'll end up down under LOL

coconut mousse

hot hazelnut latte

peshwari naan

ure luckier than most people

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