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Saturday, 4 January 2014


1/4/2014 (Ha Noi) 2:30am

If I had a song this is it and one day I will hand you in my own piece of words that go with the notes and melody of our never-ending journey to growing old together somewhere only You and I.  On the 4th day of the year, I want to give you this song:  "Yellow" from Coldplay because you are more than what you thought you could be. You're simply awesome, smart, brave, and loving.  

Here is the link to the song:

There is no need for you to shave maybe nor go body-building, because I will love all your imperfections if there are any. Trust me, you're special and no one will ever understand my craziness except you... just like the lines of this song, "your skin and bones turn into something beautiful"... I know I am so cheesy hahaha...but who cares?! 

Well, today I managed to make my own natural banana, honey and lemon mask.  Aww, it was amazing...and the result was softer, fresher feeling inside and out. You should try it, too!!! And here is the photo of the day...the magical and affordable natural beauty enhancer.

The Color of the Day, too!

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