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Friday, 7 March 2014

Bland Tequila Sunrise

Weird DJ Cafe in Saigon

Hooray it's Friday and a much as I really wanted to go a bit wild tonight, I couldn't because I'm new to the place and it's not because I'm scared, it's just that people around aren't up to anything rowdy. After that traditional crab noodle dinner with Exciter and Victor, we dropped by a weird bar somewhere the Japanese town for a "coffee"? Gosh...the waitress was straightforward to hand us the bill and pay, though we hadn't finished yet because they were afraid we would run away. Wasn't that ridiculous? And you know what I had a shot of cocktail, "tequila sunrise" but it felt like an instant orange juice. Arrghhh...that was insane...and most of the customers were whites and some torpid-looking Japanese customers who seemed to be enjoying the place that much. back to the hotel safe and will just finish my Assignment 2. Hope I'd be able to do the essay tonight as I also have to prepare for my TP3 for Monday morning. not that pressured yet, but I badly miss sleeping all day at weekends. Time flies so fast that one morning I'd wake up in Siem Reap getting ready for the sunrise tour with a tuktuk. Yeah, I miss home too...can't wait to see mom and dad...and the beach.


Where's Panther by the way? I'm he still in the office by this time? Yes, he's been really tied up at work and I wanna kick his boss' ass for always putting all the pressure on him. Sigh...miss him so much that sometimes I wanna cry and ask why we are too far from each other. 

Be safe always and drive safer on your way home...hugs and kisses from Saigon!

Panther's 63rd song: Coming Home by Stratovarius

I wanna be with you.. :( Can I? 


Photo of the Day: Filtered Kiss

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