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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sue Went Shopping

Bought two cheap, cotton dresses this afternoon in Saigon Square and a skin tone cardigan to go with those sleeveless picks. They were reasonable enough and you know me, I never pass up a good deal when I know that it's of good quality. When I got home I had them hand washed and now they're already dry and ready for tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm still stuck in this last TP that I can't even think of any idea where to start and what should be done in the lesson. Gosh, am going crazy again... I meant it dawned on me that am not over this stuff yet. Well, I'll be really fine...will finish victorious and successful. God, give me wisdom to come up with an above standard lesson for Friday. Amen.

Hey Panther,

First, I wanna give you a tight hug for the clouds, babies, Cleo and Misty and the laughs, too. Then Teddy wants to cuddle you for being the most awesome dad in the word. Then Susan wants to "_____" you before she goes to bed tonight. Miss ya lots and we love ya soooo much. Have a wonderful evening...get some rest earlier. 

Your 82nd song is: Let it Go by Idina Menzel

"You're always the best dad in the world!"


Photo of the day: Dad is the Best (Credits Panther)

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