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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Don't Wanna Fall Asleep

That was a nice lesson I had to start with...but now I'm feeling a bit lazy that I'm procrastinating again. Yes, I can finish my assignment four at 2am later. God, help me, I need more energy to finish stuff  so to look forward for the vacation. Please guide me with my last lesson on Friday, In Your Name, Amen. 


Hugs and Kisses from our Teddy...and cuddles to Cleo from Susan...and muffins for Panther from us. Miss ya lots! Thanks for another laugh today...have a wonderful evening, you go get some rest and don't forget to check the fish, too. 

Your 81st song is: Don't Wake Me Up by Chris Brown

Photo of the Day: Credits to Panther (Love)

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