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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Nobody's Fault

Be With You

Feel like throwing up whenever I think about those draining assignments, and to top it all, here I am having a horrible body pain from those tunnels yesterday. Oh well, that was nobody's fault but blame it to "fun" and unique "experience" knowing that I'm still fit enough to get into those narrow shafts. 

By the way, I started my day having cookies and energy drink for breakfast at 9am and knocked off the two assignments an hour later and finished at 530pm. That was a hell of a ride, should I say! Now, I'm not feeling well and don't even have the energy to proofread those which I have to if i don't want any re-submission. 

Missing Panther...
Hope all is well with you, am not feeling well today and I might go to bed early. Catch up with you tomorrow...hugs and kisses. Love ya, lots from Teddy and Susan. 

Your 72nd song: Summer Day by Sheryl Crow

Photo of the day: Thinking of You 

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