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Monday, 17 March 2014


Just Sayin...

Photo of the day: Walk with Me

Your 73rd song is: Sexy Love by Ne-yo

Dear Panther,

Lemme share with you my day at school today... I woke up late this morning and didn't feel like getting my butt to the shower, but I had to or else I'd smell awful that no one would dare sit beside me. You know what, I didn't talk much today and my classmate asked me why and he tried to cheer me up. Yeah they thought I was mad at something or someone...the truth was, apart from being physically exhausted, I also missed you so much. Well, I was very happy when you sent me a voice message this afternoon and was really glad you were doing fine. Oh hey, gotta tell you that whatever you're  going through right now, am here ready to listen. Please  keep in mind that you're the only one who can judge yourself and have the right to criticize your being you. First, never trust anyone except yourself, your sincere, innocent conscience as well as your intuition. It might be a rough road but am sure you'll pass it strong and each day and hang in there---you'll be really fine. 

Love you...hugs and kisses from Teddy! 

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