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Monday, 3 March 2014

Get Over It

Please Don't Blame Me

"Overwhelmed" is the right word to describe my first day in CELTA. It wasn't because of the work load, but for the fact that I was stuffed with those activities I normally use in my classes in FPT University. Before I enrolled in the course, I was expecting too much hoping that I would learn more on new teaching strategies as well as the classroom exercises. 

Well, this is only the first day, yet I came to the point of judging its course already. No, tell me you can't blame me for feeling this because during my interview with Debs, she told me that I had to unlearn whatever experience I have in teaching; but look it seems like they're torturing me with my ghost in the past that after my class today, I felt like I wouldn't be able to get over it.  

A few months ago, I had to take the Access English program with the British Council and I wasn't that impressed though; but I think that was better than my first few tasks with Apollo today. Alright then...get over it Sue and just think about the better days as you continue your journey with the course. 

Weird Scenery

By the way, yesterday I swore I wouldn't come back to Starbucks anymore because I thought it wasn't worth the penny as a tall frapp is a rip off. Oh no, guess what I am here again sitting on a small, square, four-legged coffee table at the dim corner which feels like every eye is on me. Panther always tells me that I am special, and OK I thought so, too. LOL!!! 

Do you want me to tell you how it looks like around? Lemme start with that long, grey-haired middle-aged guy with his crumpled Lonely Planet Vietnam right in front of his plastic coffee cup. He is busy with his Iphone with a confused facial expression in every gulp. Hey, it's a secret..he is actually uneasy and he keeps on going to the self-service area for some packs of white sugar, until he got bored and left. Hahaha!

P./S. This wifi access is valid for an hour only...arrghhhh silly Starbucks!

Panther My Love

Now, it's time to greet the most amazing man I have ever had with the tightest hugs and the sweetest kisses from me and Teddy. Am sure he is again hectic at work and this makes me really proud of his being a wonderful guy. Wish you were here with me...relaxing after a long day and laughing out loud like idiots like no one is watching. Miss you lots, luv. Hugs and Kisses from Teddy. 

Your 59th song is: Ours by Taylor Swift

"You and I are enough to make the world go round."


Photo of the Day: SunBeam
Be Safe Always...

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