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Thursday, 13 March 2014

The "Twang"

The Challenge

This has been like getting so paranoid of learning the course with the majority of native speakers in class. Sometimes, I get so frustrated that each day I feel the weight of being discriminated.  Well, this mustn't affect my confidence and success...what I can say is that the more I get looked down, the more I shine and show them that Asians have also the right to speak and especially teach the English language.

I might not have the perfect British accent nor the ""twang" yet I'm confident enough that I can be an effective teacher not just to teach the language to earn, but also for the purpose of helping young adults to love life more. Hmmnn I bet my standard American intonation isn't that bad though. LOL...  Two more weeks and I'm off this hell of a ride!

Hopefully, I would be able to focus on Sho's project as I feel guilty not being so helpful this time especially during the first reading. My apologies because I promised... :((! We have two more days...I haven't finished some of the chapters yet...hope she'd give me a chance to send me another invite. Hugs to this gifted writer! 

To my Panther,

Today, I was a bit down but there you were with your words of encouragement and wisdom. Thank you for everything...thanks for the precious time...thanks for the love...thanks for the laughs...thanks for your sincere thoughts in which I know that I'm always in your routine. Love ya lots, from Susan and Teddy. Hugs and Kisses!

Your 69th song: Put Your Arms Around Me by Natasha Bedingfield 

Photo of the Day: Cheers Me Up by Panther

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