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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Saturday Cu Chi


Saturday morning was spent going through my Assignment one while the whole afternoon was a short visit to Cu Chi Tunnels  a few kilometers from Ho Chi Minh, city. On the way was tough because the sun was scorching though we were on the air-conditioned van. I should say it was a very good experience that even if  you don't really care about wars, you'd still feel how difficult it was to fight for your village from those bombs  killing the entire humanity of your very peaceful district.  Anyway, the story of this place will be tackled on my my next post together with the photos...for now I'd just finish this blog  for the song, and the picture of the day.

To Panther,

Have a blessed and safe weekend luv from me and Teddy. Hope Cleo, Misty and the babies are doing fine. I know that I'm a bit annoying because I always remind you of having enough rest at weekends as well as getting a sip of your favourite beer. Miss you lots....luv you more each apologies if I keep telling you those words. 

Your 71st song: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Photo of the day: Luv for the Luv of Bokehs
Bokehs...arrghh  not Bokes

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