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Friday, 14 March 2014

Kisses and Muffins

Too Much It Is

Fridays always seem like Mondays because of having too much on my plate. Assignment here and there...and yeah I wasn't focused on the 5th TP today because honestly, I felt like I was worn out that I just sat in front of the class without monitoring the students' writing activity. Wooo even got frustrated when they didn't get my bad. However, my one-to-one feedback with Chris went well and yeah positive enough to finish the course successfully. Thank God for everything...the strength, the finances, and especially my friends, family and most importantly, my Panther. 

Hugs to my Panther,

Oh, this has been a very hectic Friday to you and I knew how it feels when idiots around give you too much pain in the neck and when you get home there's a power cut off. Gosh, am so sorry luv...hang in there and everything will be okie. I miss you sooooooo  much. Teddy is giving you a tight hug and Susan is giving you sweet kisses and muffins. Be safe always and get enough rest for the weekend...perhaps get into any adventure regardless of what it is with you new baby Ion. 

Your 70th song is: Nothing on You by Bruno Mars feat. B.o.B

"You're always in my routine...thinking of you each day".


Photo of the Day: Coffee with Legs for Panther (BTW it's PET peeves not Peet) :((

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