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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The 60th Song

Don't Get Derailed

It wasn't a bad day at all in the classroom today esp my first 20-minute lesson in CELTA. The overall feedback was about me being "too loud and he thought I was shouting" at my students. way I would "bawl" at any of them...but anyhow maybe I was "really" deafening. 

Anyhow, it was a great start should I say. Well, I'm giving the course a week before I give you my next opinion which hopefully won't end up into getting frustrated. No worries this kid is always on the positive rail of the morning train to the next three weeks  as a "lulling" vagabond here in Saigon. 

Exciter picked me up at 7pm and we had a bountiful dinner before we headed to Highlands coffee. This kid has been really good to me because he never says no whenever I ask him a favor. Yes I owe him a lot that I don't know how to repay him for his respect and kindness. 

I arrived in the hotel safe at 9pm with too much in my tummy that even taking a bath didn't sound good to me. LOL!


Hey, do you know how silly I am for missing you each day esp now I have been really busy at school. You know inspire me with your thoughts, sincere compliments, and sweet voice messages. Please take good care always...Love ya Lots! Hugs and kisses from boss Teddy.

Panther's 60th song is: Love to Be Loved By You by Marc Terenzi

"I know this kinda silly wedding song but what I wanted to tell you is that...I love to be loved by you."

Photo of the Day: A Journey with You 

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