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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Almost Back To Life

My week is almost over and CELTA is on its way out of my dead brain except that tonight, it won't let me sleep because am having my last TP tomorrow. Well, God is good and I won't be able to do anything without HIM so my TP 9 is for Him and He will guide me all the way. I wouldn't mind staying up until morning just to make my lesson plan good enough for the Cambridge standard. I'll finish this course victorious! 


My Panther is working late tonight. He has been hectic since last month and I hate the fact that he had to do stuff which aren't supposed to be his job. Anyway, he is reliable, smart and very responsible, so no wonder he takes more than others can. Hugs and Kisses from us...We miss you sooo much and we Luv you, too! 

We're on the 83rd song: I Feel Better All Over by Johnny Cash

Photo of the Day: Wish You Were Here in Asia

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