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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Asian Dolce

My Second Day

Had my butt up late this morning that no matter how Cecil convinced me to visit the nearest wet market for some fish and veggies at 730am, I was just like, "No, I wanna go back to bed". She finally gave up, and walked to the market alone with her huge blue beach umbrella.  I was darn tired that I didn't even realize that she already came back home not until I smelled the sour aroma of ginger, vinegar and curry powder. Since  the soup wasn't done yet, she handed me in a bowl of her own tasty potato salad. That was so sweet and nice of her...well she had been very kind to almost everyone. 

After lunch, Binh and Exciter picked me up from the girls' place and drove me back to my hotel. In 45 minutes, we arrived An Vui sweating as the southern humidity hit hard this afternoon. Then we kicked the nasty roads around the city center until we found Starbucks Coffee. By the way, Bux is just a few months old in Vietnam and as far as I have known, there are only two outlets of this imported cafe which can only be found in the south. Was I surprised when it dawned on me that everything in this place was way too expensive. Thank goodness...I am not a fan of Starbucks anymore liked I used to. 

A tall glass of Asian Dolce and Java Chip weren't enough so we headed to Thanh Bin for some noodles and sizzling eggs and sausages.  Exciter took me back to my hotel while Binh went the other way as he had to finish his group assignment which was due tonight. I am getting ready for my first day in CELTA tomorrow.  Does it really feel good to be a student again? Well, let's cross the bridge when get there in less than ten hours. Wish me luck then! 


Panther's Notes:

Glad to see your awesome panoramas of the weekend getaway with some friends somewhere interesting and relaxing. Thankful enough for having you and Teddy with me on my next ventures. Love you much...and miss you every nervous beat of my tickled veins straight to my loving heart which breathes only for you. Again, my apologies if I'm too "oily"...just wanna be me. Hugs and Kisses from Teddy and Me in the warm south of Vietnam.

"Thinking of you, always my adorable Panther"!

Your 58th song is: Price Tag by Jessie J

"You always make me proud of how you handle life pretty well regardless of the circumstances."  You are awesome! 


Photo of the Day: Ms Panther
as i promised LOL

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