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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Being Content and Generous

Be Thankful; Jesus is all WE Need

Pastor Nelson was right, saying that people have nothing but too much stuff yet they are not contented with what they got.  As taken from Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth  me."; obviously knocks on our heads to be more thankful, generous, and be joyous and gratified with the "NOW" not the "WHEN" as the last-mentioned never comes. This isn't a myth, nor sort of encouraging us to live life at the right track, but this is the "reality" in which God has given us as a precious gift of an awesome life He has prepared for each who believes and trusts in Him. 

Now, let me count the blessings that I have gotten since two weeks ago. Those are countless I know, but allow me to scribble them into a wall of copper cork in a much clearer and simpler way of understanding how important it is to be tickled pink by all the iffy grace I receive each day.  

Well, I got Jhonnie, my one and only cotton-candy whose amiable compliments lead me to the world of inspiration and satisfaction. His tasteful, exquisite voice in "Viber" says it all! This is too much to thank the Lord for having my little one beside me. 

If you have read my posts in the past few days, I was too bold, and dauntless to brag about my road-trips to the highlands in the northernmost of Vietnam. Those exotic, horse-whipping yet exciting adrenaline rush up and down the breath-taking mountains of rice terraces covered with crimson and some  green, sprouting, bushy vines of pumpkins and other crops had given me more reasons to wander more and be grateful.  

I am also surrounded with too much love, caress, sincerity from friends, family, students, and co-workers. Yes, sometimes these people are the first ones who disappoint me at some point, but I know that most of them have stood by me through high or low. 

And the best feeling of being content is the fact that, God has never given up on me, though I have been stubborn, lazy, and impatient. God is indeed good all the time!  On the other hand, I have been so well-off with the things that I need for work.  Yes, two weeks ago, I got my new Sony Fit good enough for photo editing besides being fortunate to take up free photography lessons courtesy of the photography club in school.  Oh, gosh how can I tell the world that the key to happiness is simply to appreciate the small yet worthy things "NOW" has offered.  

Of course, before I forget I always have the guts to be generous because I know that it feels great to see the hearts of the unfortunate ones touched by even the warmth you have shared with them. And the last, but not the least...I praise the Lord for the life He has given me and to my family!  

Thank you!!! I hope that after you read this post, you would take time to talk to God and proudly tell Him how fortuitous you are.  

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