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Monday, 7 October 2013

The Sweetest Photographer

Luu Quang Duong

Smiles that melt and ease a heart's sadness.
Hugs of that sweetest and warmest bears alive.
Sincere caress he adorably gives,
To us delicate souls he treasures in the beehive.

He is simply the addicting aroma,
Of a Vietnamese brewed drip coffee at dawn.
Lives a life with no drama.
And jumps like a butterfly with his innocent morning yawn.

Oh, he's also the best photographer in town.
Captures each beavering itchy foot with passion.
"Mot, Hai, Ba"... as he hits the shutter,
Towards the unbelievable snaps every fragile spirit could utter!

That is our lovely Duong Dut De.
Who always makes our days incredibly merry,
With his giggles and chuckles,
We end each day with glittering hopes in the sunny bubbles!

Duong has never been my student but he is very sincere and adorable. I always see him in the campus and the way he talks seems to be very comforting. He is one of the sweetest guys I have ever's rare to have this kind of young adult who acts carefully especially to a teacher like me. I love this boy as he took care of me over the weekend during our roadtrip. Thank you my dear student, friend and brother! Hugssss...

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