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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Mu Cang Chai Camping

Fun Fun Overload 

 Warning: The next few images are horribly hot, sexy, boozed up, yummy and stunning! Every vagabond has his own little, snobby chapters of his wanderings. 

The previous weekend junket brought me so much of soporific rush though, we had to have our behinds get burned until they became numb before we reached the perfect destination. Well, this post is supposed to talk about the various angles, colours, cuddles, hungry and angry taste buds of each soul's burning desire to get closer to the blazing flames colliding the chilly, foggy night by the stream, rice terraces and the mountains. Dinner, never-ending talks,traditional rice wine escapade,and of course chasing each partner to get a drink and perhaps a tight hug to celebrate the most beautiful night under the glittering milky way which promises heaven to our exhausted city spirits. 

By the way, the snaps were the different angles my patient and clever 60D did to the "wildfire" while our girls were busy preparing for the spices and the boys were gentle enough to get the roasting done. Should I say, I was very lucky not to do anything but to take photos. Hahaha! Enjoy the shots!

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