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Friday, 25 October 2013

My Sober Heartbeat

My Sober Heartbeat

Leave me not,
On this cold Friday night,
Callus, droopy feet,
Await until your sober is complete.

Promise me, you won't get,
Boozed up again as soon as,
We hop on the gray,Thai elephant,
Clinging on its beige, tough tusk.

Hum as loud as you can, please.
I haven't heard your sweet mumbles, since then.
Though I would still toss the wishing coin,
To the peaceful well of your aggressive, barn of brick cheese.

You're more beautiful when you're asleep,
Heels are stronger anyone, can't reap.
You and I against this world full of prejudice,
Hurry, get up and run away with me, your loving Nemesis! 

Just thought of my little Jhonnie...ahhhhh so I made this poem for his busy week! 

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