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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Ventures to the North

The Next Day

Remember what I wrote this morning before the sun lurked with its brightest gleam? I said, in a few hours we would continue our motorcycle ventures to Mu Cang Chai. So, we dragged ourselves to breakfast at 8am with a large bowl of traditional Vietnamese noodles (Pho). Btw, as soon as I got off Khoa's  Wave, it was too late to realize that I had my 60D battery drained because I forgot to turn it off last night. Well, while waiting for the food I had a chance to plug it in  for at least 30 I am fine.

Ok, at 830 we started the engines on the way up to the highlands (Mu Cang Chai)...the geographical appearance is the same as Sa Pa with lush green trees and bushes, orange and crimson rice terraces. Most of the roads are quite rough and my butt has been complaining with too much pain already.

The most interesting thing to do on the way is to crash the camera shutters as you can't resist the soothing and relaxing view under the shade of the midday. Awesome...ohhh I am off for lunch in a few minutes.


  1. Hnd naman kasi nangiimvite eh..yan tuloy gwardyado nnaman ako..

  2. haha anak o diba diko na need ng moth to venture noh :)) kaloka

  3. mali ung grammar hahah "now i am having lunch in a few minutes hahahaa shettt