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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Khoa- I Owe You a Bbq Party

Thank You with Khoa And the Photography Club

Life is easier, more friendly and worth living if you know how to count your blessings no matter how small those are. I believe that I have so much to thank God for family's good health, safety; my job and all the positive thoughts that go with it, those breath-taking trips, never ending false hopes love has embraced my heart with, the unexpected material things I have received and most of all the genuine love and care from my friends, students, parents and siblings.
Last weekend I had an awesome ride with the photography club venturing the highlands in Mu Cang Chai. That was one of the bravest wanderlusts I've ever had not because of the long drives but because of the beauty of nature God has provided as well as the safety He gave us. I also couldn't ask for  more for giving my wonderful student Khoa the courage, patience, and willingness to have me on his back for hours. And thank goodness he was safe when we had a slight motorcycle accident. It was a foggy, chilly and rainy afternoon so the weavy, rough roads were slippery and almost unpassable. But Khoa was strong enough to make it back to Hoa Lac.
That  incident brought us to Nghia Lo for a repair...I was worried about him because he looked exhausted and sleepy, yet he managed to smile and take care of me along with Thai and Ngoc.
On our way, it wasn't that easy and since I couldn't drive, I couldnt help but feel sorry about Khoa. Huhu...well even if we got the wrong turn, we still made it to Hoa Lac quickly and safely. 

Thank you Khoa, I owe you a bbq party this weekend! Hahaha...

P/S: Photos from that trip will be shared tomorrow! Good night for now. Hugs and Kisses from a Filipina with her never-ending, nerve-wrecking yet exciting ventures in Vietnam!

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