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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My Cakes, My Flowers..MY Friends

Teacher's Life

I bet you, teaching can be really frustrating at times, but believe is also one of those professions filled with real friends, colorful flowers, and sweet cakes. Memories of "batch" six were simply unforgettable and  stunning to me, for they gave me a chance to love more rather than to hate, turned hidden grudges into the most contagious smiles, and continue the journey of sharing not only the English language but also the ceaseless, unbroken promises of life's lessons as everyone matures on their way to the wheel of true love and reasonable "insanity" of each willing heart to finish the race.  

The photos were randomly chosen from my archives dated 2011 in Ha Noi, Vietnam.  I lost most of my snapshots from the central part with my loving students...sad, sigh... anyhow, here are some from the north.  Enjoy and be inspired!

Yes, my first name is Susana but I prefer to be called Sue. :)

Dao, the class monitor... :)

Binh, my brother... :)

we didn't have any cake haha but we were crazy taking photos :) 

Ms Nga, my co-worker who always inspires students in her own lovely ways! 

Ms. Linh, she has two very adorable sons... we were both born in 1981 but I am still single huhu...
We used to hate one another...but the next block we finally found each other's arms again and we decided to let go of those tantrums we had the previous block. Missing them though....

Vietnamese Women's Day...

I think I was a bit fat hahah

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