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Monday, 28 October 2013


Her Words of Wisdom

When was the last genuine, idle talk I had with my soul sister, buddy, well-wisher, best friend Lovinni? Since I am four hours away from her, keeping in touch on ordinary, busy days could be a can of worms though we got all the ways to hang out online. 

How did we know each other, by the way? Well, let's do it quickly in a matter-of-fact on how our consciousness crossed the bridge of never-ending gales of  laughter, "snapchats", innocent chuckles on the other side of the "boiled" wonderland.  She was my colleague way back Sprint days in 2010 until she decided to do the thing she loved, and I chose to work in Vietnam months after she quit the customer service industry.  It is not important how we easily clicked, the most rip-roaring part of our friendship is the journey we have been sharing even if we are literally miles away from one another. 

A few minutes ago, I caught her in Viber and figured out how to make the conversation easier, so we set stage to carry on the "bull session" in Skype. For almost two hours, we felt like we had a lot more updates to chew and digest because we haven't seen each other for more than a year now. And my favorite part of the pillow talk was her simple reminder on dangling over the "now" by not allowing my "presumptions" reign the stage of getting-to-know my "mean" guy.  Yes, she is right, sometimes, like other typical women, I tend to complicate things and usually end up making an issue out of them when they can be done so easily.

Tell you what, she is one of those good friends of mine who always has wonderful  spoonful of sweet reasons to share with not for the sake of bragging or pleasing anyone, but for the real and meaningful, heartfelt, schmooze of confessions she has kept in her unbiased heart for a special companion like me. 

I miss her so much! Love you Lovely...

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