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Thursday, 10 October 2013

How Do You Politely Turn Down a Jerk


Sometimes, life takes you to places where almost everything is perfect but I am warning you; never trust anything which are too good to be true nor those sweet, strange tongues you ran into corridors along the way. No, I am not's just that I am too busy loving myself  that I don't have time for others who are trying to fool around and mess up with other people's privacy. You know what I mean? Oh please, stop talking about something "serious" especially if it's related to romantic relationships because I'm not interested! (CRY)...

Ok let me tell you something...I am into John and even if I am not sure whether he cares for me as of this moment..I know that I'm crazy about him...I'm in love and my heart beats only for him. He completes me by just staring at his innocent smile in my album. Honestly, my heart silently sobs every night wishing that one day he would remember to say HI and would tell me that he missed me.

You might wonder why I am a bit emotional tonight...alright there is this guy in the campus and maybe because I don't wanna be rude to anyone, I gave him a chance to have a chitchat with me...and after that, he kept sending me silly messages in skype and through sms!!! That he admires me, cares for this woman...blah blah.. what a jerk! I am supposed to jump with joy hearing these if he was J.M. HUHUHU.   And you know what he acts like he owns me..gosh I want to knock him off with the loud speakers in my room. He must be insane...oh God help me.

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