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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

To The Very Special Woman

My hometown has been suffering from aftershocks since a 7.5 earthquake hit the towns and left too much damage. It hurts so much watching the horrible news about the disaster, but on the other hand, I am very thankful my little village is fine. I was worried because I couldn't reach my mom yesterday, so I wasn't able to greet her on her special day on time. Anyhow, I have just talked to her a few minutes ago and she told me that she almost had a heart attack because of fear. Well, thank goodness she is alright...

Here's a poem for the very special woman of my life.


Polished, peachy, laudable, pasty skin she wears,
Under the flimsy blood running through her fancy temperament.
Incredible, immeasurable patience to us she unconditionally offers,
Along with the ear-splitting, morning wake-up call of etiquette.

Elegant teacher as she was to me,
Candidly reminding my rawness NOT,
To hold any man's hand for free,
As parturition to her daughter it would've brought!

Delight to her Benedict will never fade,
Though arguments are countless,
Since the day her heart surrendered,
To his nappy, spiky sacred words of dominance.

Indeed, the greatest mom of all time.
Who gracefully dances with deceitful struggles,
Behind the never-ending blue rolls of the dime.
For genuine, sterling "love" she begets!

We LOVE you Mama!

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