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Monday, 14 October 2013

How Much You Mean to Me

Oh alright, this time I would like to write a poem for the one and only good-looking, gorgeous mean guy in the world! No, you can't lay a finger even on the tip of his brown, tiny hair strand because HE is mine, got it? This sounds creepy childish, but who cares?! Hahaha...ok you can stare at his photos and tell me how attractive he is, but that's further info please.

Last night, I got a Nihao from my favorite guy in Facebook, and I felt like I was on the highest, breath-taking bungee jump of all time.  Hohoho! So, let me put my emotions towards him through my humble poetry...

Jhon's Sweet Little Ways

The farther you are, the sweeter your giggles sound,
Though you're mean, you're still the classy, enticing,
Horse racer in my sumptuous dreams abound,
From those Colombian goals your loudest hoorays are dicing!

Rhum Coke, my fine taste buds would willingly share,
Only if you promise to knock me off my feet,
With your sweet-tempered glare,
So to forget my placid despair.

Exhausted, my spirit never feels.
For your sincere melody swaddles,
My itchy feet leading to the slushy fields of Brisbane.
Getting ready to reminisce, the good old days we had on decently  lit back alleys in Hoi An.

Call me silly, slap me with your soft yet tough tan hands,
This is just what my stubborn veins can sail.
Coz now, you trap my fragile soul in your fairylands,
Caught in the midst of your spell.


  1. Ohlala he should read this.. Stress-reliever ka tlga hahahha.... Omg! Ikaw na... Ikaw na ikaw na ��