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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

My Poem, Your Soul

Dear Jhon,

"Susie" as he meanly calls me,
Why oh Why, I want you so badly?
Mixed, stubborn emotions I greatly,
Whack along with my innocent whoopee.

Glad I found you at dawn,
Heading to that dusky, conceited town.
You recklessly chuckled and said, I was a genius,
Though I bet you weren't that serious!

But who cares, I was flattered anyway,
As you perfectly purred the right words,
To my beavering eardrums along the rough bridle way,
Carelessly dreaming of your promising girds.

No way, you try to stop my heart,
From feeling hurt,
Especially when the night comes,
And you forgot to say goodnight.

I am not hurt...because I am stubborn and my love for him doesn't hurt, instead it gives me strength through the day. This might be a one-sided love but who cares anyway?

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